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White Magic Aura Spells

Universal white magic are forces that are in motion to repel or attract, offering amazing results. It is called white magic since it aims to improve the condition of people. It helps in wish fulfillment; inculcate positive energy and removal of negative energies. White magic is transmitted through the mind and soul of the person practicing it. The person who practices white magic needs energy; the more powerful the spiritual alignment of the practitioner, the greater will be his energy and the more efficient he will be.

The power of white magic is achieved through meditation, mindfulness and visualization. In white magic, energy is viewed in white gold with a solar radiance. In white magic, we must say that there are elements that are used, but they are not material objects. Thus, we know that everything has an aura, an energy field created by the vibration of the atoms and molecules that comprise all matter. Aura can be used to protect, to attract, influence, but unfortunately in negative purposes.

Aura Spells To Enhance Your Aura

Aura is used for purposes that are beneficial to a person and the people around him. This bioenergetic field that surrounds all things and beings can be programmed by mind power. A strong aura gives health, happiness, charisma and energy. Through white magic, you can attune your aura for protection, health, love, money and many more.

Color also plays an important role in enhancing aura. It is through color that your aura is projected. For example, yellow for friendship, pink for love, green for attracting money and so on. While this energy works through colored designs, parapsychologists concur with magicians in believing that you need intensity and focus in order to enhance it.

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