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Powerful Reiki Spells For Energy

The practice of Reiki is the channeling of universal or spiritual energy to harmonize body, mind and spirit, creating a healthy and balanced person. Its use may be specific, for specific ailments, or for creating general harmony in a person?s body. You can cast Reiki spells on yourself or on other people. Anyone can practice Reiki because it has a special “gift” for the privileged. This energy is also known as ‘chi’. The Reiki spells serve to harmonize your energy system. Thus, you yourself are in the best position to heal on all levels, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Reiki Spells For Energy And Healing

Reiki is called Universal Energy or the energy of pure love. It is also called divine Energy. The Reiki practitioner acts as a channel to channel this energy toward the person who receives it. It makes the target to feel that feeling of love and peace that is characteristic of the Divine energy. Reiki has no religious affinity. It is used by Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and even atheists. It has no formal structure, no hierarchy or compulsory beliefs. It’s a mix between a practical and effective healing technique and a way of living and seeing life.

In fact, many people who practice Reiki feel that it reinforces the bond with their particular beliefs; they feel “closer” to their particular God. Reiki can act both physically to heal mental ailments, to reduce stress and spiritually by helping you to find spiritual peace. It is important to understand that when it comes to a “problem”, Reiki can act in two ways: it can work directly on this problem, or change the way you see it.

Reiki Spells For Problem Solving

It is also important to know that Reiki gives you the “tools” or “power” to solve your problems yourself. In this society, we tend to “give away our power.” This means that when we have a problem, we rely on a third solution. When there is a legal issue, we visit the lawyer. When we are mentally ill, we visit a psychologist or psychiatrist. I’m not saying you should not do so. But sometimes we become dependent on third parties and we stop trusting ourselves. The Reiki spell is designed to empower you to solve your own problems. You can also cast this spell as black magic Reiki spells or Voodoo Reiki spells. Use the form below to contact me.

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